Commercial Services

Workstation, PC or Laptop Setup

We can assist you in setting up a workstation with a PC or laptop so that you do not have to spend the time setting up or troubleshooting.

We can ensure your network and all peripherals you intend to use are compatible and functioning with your new setup.

We can also help troubleshoot any current workstations you already have set up.

Server Setup

If you have a new server setup that you would like assistance with, we can help get it setup and functioning properly and ensure it properly accommodates your business needs. We can also assist in troubleshooting any current systems you may have in place.


We can help setup, manage or troubleshoot any new or existing networking systems you may have in place or plan on implementing.

Software Installation

If you would like to install new software or upgrade on your server, workstation, PC or network we can help with that.

IT Management

We are able to help setup or manage your IT assets. We can consider your business needs and find a solution that will help your business’ network run as efficiently as possible and we will be there to help you manage it every step of the way. We will be your IT department.

Data Services

  We can manage data services for your business whether you would like to destroy or recover data. More specific information on our data services can be found on our “Data Services” page.

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