Residential Services

Computer Service

If you would like computer service without having to come out to our location we will gladly come to you. If your computer or laptop is running slow, crashing, or has spyware, malware or a virus we can come to you to resolve that.

We can also assist you in setting up your workstation with a PC or laptop so you don’t need to spend time setting up or troubleshooting, we can ensure your network and peripherals you intend to use are compatible and functioning with your new setup.


We can assist you with any sort of networking struggles you may have, either managing your network or setting up something entirely new. Whether you are trying to improve your home network or would like to setup a network for a home business.

Data Services

We can manage data for you whether you would like to destroy, recover or backup your data. We can provide data services for hard drives, solid state drives, flash memory, smartphones, and more.

IT Management

We are able to help setup or manage your IT assets. We can consider your business needs and find a solution that will help your business’ network run as efficiently as possible and we will be there to help you manage it every step of the way. We will be your IT department.

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